Work Conditioning is addressed during the late stages of rehabilitation when the range of motion and strength has begun to reach normal levels. The process of work conditioning is begun by first testing the client for baseline strength, positional tolerance and mobility tasks. This test indicates the baseline at which to start the program that addresses the client's ability to work toward some of the tasks that he or she may have to return to at work.
This program is an intensive functional exercise program that last from 2-4 hours a day per day five days a week. The tasks may include:
  • floor to waist lifting
  • standing
  • walking
  • crawling
  • ladder climbing
  • standing rotation
  • sitting rotation
  • fingering
  • gripping
  • sitting
  • wait to eye level
  • carrying with two hands
  • carrying with one hand
  • pushing
  • pulling
  • overhead work
  • reaching
  • pinching
Upon completion of this F.I.R.M. program the client is ready for a Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine the safe level of return to work. This is accomplished by application of the "Ergo Science" PWPE which is administered under the direct supervision of a Licensed Physical Therapist and the concise, evidence based report is sent to the physician and case manager to allow for accurate return to work status.
Our Certification and Reception staff can assist you in arranging this testing. Our therapist is also available for post-offer, pre-employment screening to assist the employer in selecting the most physically qualified personnel for the jobs available.