Industrial Programs 
Functional Industrial Rehabilitation Methods

Mission Statement
The mission of the F.I.R.M. program is to return clients to their highest level of function in the most efficient manner. Implementation of this mission requires the collaborative effort of the APRS interdisciplinary team along with open communication with physicians, employers, case managers, and clients.

Safe and efficient return to work
Prevention of re-injury
Maximize each individual's ability

Coordination and communication with employers, physicians, and case managers is vital to the successful rehabilitation of the injured worker. Consideration of all factors influencing the workers physical condition is necessary to get the client back on the job in the most efficient and safe manner. Factors which influence rehabilitation include: severity of the injury, physical demands of the job, availability of modified duties, other health conditions of the worker and motivation of the worker and employer. An expanded clinic schedule allows workers and employers flexibility in coordinating work with rehab visits.

Rehab/Industrial Team
APRS uses an interdisciplinary team approach to industrial rehabilitation. This approach allows us to respond to the constant changes in a client's abilities with continual adjustments to the rehab program. Clients are advanced quickly and safely with innovative approaches tailored to the individual needs of the client and employer.

Team Members:

The Doctor of Physical Therapy
Has more than 40 years of experience evaluating and treating a wide variety of work related diagnosis. He has been certified to administer the Ergo Science Functional Work Capacities Evaluation. Training includes the Sauders' method of "Reducing Injuries in the Workplace” and "Behavioral Based Ergonomics".

The Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
Is trained to carry out work related programs developed by the therapist. Their experience in industrial rehabilitation and knowledge of testing methods solidifies the program.

The Patient Care and Insurance Specialists
Serve as liaisons with employers, case managers, and utilization review personnel.

Three Components of Industrial Program Rehabilitation
APRS utilizes the latest in treatment methods to rehabilitate the injured worker. Following a comprehensive evaluation of the client, the physical therapist develops an individualized program to speed healing, reduce pain and increase strength and flexibility. The program is adjusted and advanced according to the client’s response with program goals related to the client’s job demands. The program includes instruction in techniques for safe return to work with a reduction in risk for further injury.

Work Conditioning
APRS offers a comprehensive work conditioning program to return the injured employee to work in a safe and efficient manner. When the worker has been off work for an extended period of time due to surgeries or complex injuries, de-conditioning becomes a safety factor in returning to the job site. Our work conditioning program allows the worker to simulate work at the appropriate physical level and gradually progress in the strength and endurance that is necessary to return to full duty. It is the goal of the industrial rehab staff to return the worker at an appropriate full duty work load and to prevent further re-injury.

Each work conditioning regimen is tailored to the individual client and that client's unique employment requirements. Our rehab team works closely with the employer and the worker to address specific job demands. Work Site Analysis enables our Work Conditioning Team to visit the job site to formulate the exact program that addresses the needs of our clients and suggest modification to enhance safety and improve efficiency.

Functional Capacities Evaluations
APRS utilizes the Ergo Science Physical Work Performance Evaluation in determining a client's functional level. The test consists of up to 35 objective tasks designed to assess a person's maximum capabilities in seven major areas: 

+ Dynamic Strength
+ Position Tolerance
+ Mobility
+ Coordination
+ Hand Dexterity
+ Balance
+ Endurance

Reliability and validity studies on the Ergo Science Physical Work Performance Evaluation indicate a very high degree of inter-rater reliability in determining an individual's overall capability for physical work. Unique features of the test include: 

+ Emphasis on visual observation skills of the evaluating therapist
+ Scoring system which maximizes objectivity and reliability
+ Systematic and objective method for judging client participation
+ Standardized test administration

Other services available at APRS
Work injuries cost employers millions each year in medical expenses and lost time. APRS can help minimize your worker compensation costs by developing prevention programs specifically tailored for your company.
  • We offer safety consultation, job site analysis, ergonomic assessments and employee in-services.
  • Whether you have two employees or two thousand, we offer a variety of services ranging from in-services at safety meetings to complete work site assessments and post-offer/pre-employment screening to assist in injury prevention.
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