As we age we tend to weaken. Although this is not a complete truth our lifestyles and activity levels reduce which causes us to lose our strength and functional ability. Certain disease entities, orthopedic and neurologic problems may enter into that equation at various times during our adult lives. APRS is geared to handle those types of problems.

At APRS we address the problems of weakness, balance deficit, pain from Arthritis and walking disorders. Our professional staff knows how to work with the older adult and how to gauge the proper amount of exercise to the person. We are not like the local gym. Your physical therapist will evaluate your condition, develop the correct program to address whatever it is that is causing the change in your ability and start you on your way to recovery.

Too many times people wait to seek assistance for their problems. They fear that they will lose their independence, when in fact the longer they wait the more independence they lose. They are fearful that their families will stop them from living at home or they will have to go to a "Nursing Home" if someone finds out they are losing balance or can't get around like they have in the past. Some don't want to start using a cane or walker because they feel it is a sign of age. The use of such a device may only be temporary and can help to prevent a serious event. Don't kid yourself! Don't wait until an incident at home makes it necessary for you to be hospitalized for a hip surgery or worse. Seek out our skilled expertise to help you be an active participant in your own health and independence. That is what APRS is here to provide.

If your physician is aware of your diagnosis and you have had an appointment within the last 90 days you can begin physical therapy without a physician's referral.
Call us and we can get you started on the path to recovery.