Joint Replacement
At APRS we have always worked with patients with joint replacements. From the smallest hand and foot joints to the Total Hip, Total Knee and Total Shoulder we stay up with the technology and Rehabilitation Protocols to address all your needs. We address each patient as an individual and not just a joint replacement patient. The key to thorough and concise rehabilitation is to get to know the patient and to address the needs of each and everyone. By learning your specific needs we can apply the treatment plan that best suits you as an individual. No two patients are alike and no two joint replacements respond the same.
Our goal is to treat the individual and with careful and concise development of a specific functional plan to acquire the very best end result.

Fractures are painful no matter where they are. At APRS we always try to go by the rule "No Pain All Gain". Will there be pain while working with your fracture body part? Yes, but we pride ourselves in gaining the best result with the least pain. We have always had excellent results with fractures and return to function activity.

Sprains & Strains
An active lifestyle will bring a few strains and sprains. An ankle, wrist, elbow, back, shoulder or neck are the usual places that are prone to the stresses of an active or inactive lifestyle. If this should happen don't just think that it will go away. This attitude can lead to chronic pain and require a much longer regimen of care with your PT. At APRS we like to see patients within a short period after the onset of a strain or sprain so we can guide you through the phases of healing and return you to your daily activity. Yes, you need a physician's referral, but call us, and with our long term relationships with local physicians we can contact your physician to see if they allow you to be seen short order by them or APRS so you can be on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Surgical & Nonsurgical Spinal
At APRS we have a reputation for excellent success with both surgical and non-surgical spine rehabilitation. Our professional staff has the expertise to evaluate and set programs that address the problem. MRIs, CTs and X-rays all assist in diagnostic determination but the physical evaluation of a Manual Therapist with spinal experience can start you on the road to recovery. Whether it is an immediate post-operative fusion, discectomy, laminectomy or a strain/sprain your competent spinal therapist can start you in the right direction and in many cases address the source of the pain on the first day.
Spinal surgery is not always the answer. At APRS we strive to address the dysfunction and after a conservative approach to spinal care is utilized you and your therapist in conjunction with your physician can determine the course of your care.

Many patients who come to APRS with over-use injuries see the diversity of patients that we see think "Oh, I'm not injured enough to be coming to PT". Nothing could be farther from the fact. At APRS each and every patient is treated as an individual and the injury that is causing you pain carries the same weight as the most involved patient. Their regimen of care may be different but our staff exhibits the same compassionate care to the least injured as they do to the most.