Jerry L. Klug, PT, DPT has been a Pediatric Physical Therapist since 1973. He came to Alabama from the University of Iowa where he worked at many levels with the University Hospital, Children's Hospital School and in conjunction with the State Crippled Children's Services of Iowa. At Iowa he was able to develop skills brought to the United States by Berta Bobath related to "Neuro Developmental Techniques" and worked in the Orthopedic Clinics. He worked as the first physical therapist at the RISE and Tri Mod programs of the University of Alabama Special Education Program in Tuscaloosa. While working with RISE he trained graduate students at the University as well as lay workers and educational staff in 34 school systems along the western border of Alabama while assisting in the development of the RISE program for infants and the Tri-Mod Program for school aged children. He later moved to the Anniston/Jacksonville area and was a contract therapist with the Multi-Systems Evaluation Center. Evaluation and education was the task addressed in 36 school systems along the eastern border of Alabama.

Many diagnoses have been addressed and many children have grown to adults. With the development of APRS in 1978 and the opening of a free standing clinic in 1990 APRS has continued to address the needs of children. Educating the APRS staff to treat the various children has been an ongoing task and every staff member now has their own expertise to address our children with loving care and compassion.

From fine motor and gross motor delay, to the effects of meningomyelocele; as well as Autism, traumatic brain injury, fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal stroke our staff meets the challenge and addresses it with professional expertise and compassion everyday. Members of our staff are well known within schools of Calhoun County, Jacksonville and Anniston. The APRS clinic provides Pediatric Care for a wide range of children of all ages whose parents choose to transport them.

Our combined Pediatric experience is over 70 years and still growing. We continue to learn and expand our expertise and we continue to be the Children's and families advocates. It is our privilege to work with our children and we thank the parents, schools and physicians for their continued confidence in APRS.